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Mentimeter in the Classroom - Best Kahoot Alternative - Student Icebreaker and Engagement Tool

Increase retention, engagement, and performance with interactive learning

Mentimeter isn't just a presentation tool; it's a dynamic student response system designed to boost engagement and interaction. It empowers students to actively participate by taking quizzes, engaging in friendly competition, answering open-ended questions, and more. It bridges the gap between me as the instructor and my students, making the learning process truly collaborative and enjoyable.

Interactive Presentation Software:

Interactive presentation software, also known as a student response system or game-based learning, enhances engagement and collaboration in the classroom. Its primary aim is to involve all participants, whether they're students, managers, or customers, in the learning process. Research has shown that game-based learning programs, like Kahoot and Mentimeter, have a positive impact on learning performance, classroom dynamics, student and teacher attitudes, and even reduce student anxiety.

My Fourfold Approach to Using Mentimeter:

To make the most of Mentimeter in my classroom, I've developed a systematic four-step approach:

  1. Icebreaker Activities: I kickstart my classes with engaging icebreaker questions that encourage students to interact with each other. This breaks the ice, fosters a sense of community, and gets everyone talking and engaged.

  2. Check-in Questions: I use Mentimeter to gauge my students' well-being in the class. They can ask questions about assignments, the syllabus, or any concerns they may have. This transparent approach ensures that students feel heard and supported.

  3. Incorporating Mentimeter in Lectures: I seamlessly integrate Mentimeter into my lectures, creating opportunities for mid-lecture check-ins, research assignments, and collaborative tasks. For instance, I recently had my students research and discuss companies' vision and mission statements, all within the Mentimeter platform.

  4. End of Lecture Quiz Competition: To reinforce the day's learning and keep the excitement going, I wrap up my lectures with a quiz competition. This adds an element of fun and excitement while helping me identify areas where students may need additional support.

The Student and Teacher Experience:

From a student's perspective, using Mentimeter is straightforward. They can join the interactive session by scanning a QR code or visiting mentimeter.com. My strategic use of Mentimeter ensures that students actively participate in class. The competitive quiz at the end not only engages them but also helps me assess their understanding effectively.

Mentimeter has been a game-changer in my classroom, transforming it into a lively and interactive space where students actively engage in the learning process. The combination of icebreakers, check-in questions, in-lecture activities, and end-of-lecture quizzes creates a dynamic and engaging learning environment that fosters collaboration and interactivity.

As educators, we're always seeking innovative ways to enhance engagement and learning outcomes. Tools like Mentimeter offer an invaluable resource for creating memorable and impactful classroom experiences. So, as I encourage you, consider incorporating this program into your classrooms, and let the fun and learning begin!

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